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Lisbon – my list of insta-worthy spots (with exact location)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Instagram-spots section!

I’ve probably waited too much to write this post but my intention is giving to you what Lisbon gave to me: a huge amount of photography inspiration. This list is the result of personal experience, a detailed research, mistakes and dozens of walked kilometers.

I usually pick few spots in order to share the very best insta-corners of the places I visit, but this time is going to be different. I decided to pick 10 spots because it would have been a crime to hide just a single one of them.

Let’s deep dive in this paradise of tiles and trams!

You can check all of my pictures from Lisbon on my Instagram feed. 


Without further ado, here it is my list of 11 instagram-worthy spots in Lisbon:


1) Ascensor da Bica.



Useful information:

  • Location: Ascendor da Bica, Rua de São Paulo 234, Bica district.
  • Tip: Try to capture the ascensor as soon as it leaves, in order to include the beautiful yellow and green buildings on the background.
  • Best time to go: Sunrise (Crowd level: high)



2) Campo de Santa Clara.



  Useful information:

  • Location: Campo de Santa Clara (n. 42-43-44).
  • Tip: There’s normally a bunch of cars parked in front of the houses, try to hide them behind something (I decided to put a plant in the foreground).
  • Best time to go: Any time of the day (Crowd level: low)



3) Rua Guilherme Braga.



  Useful information:

  • Location: Rua Guilherme Braga/Rua do Loureiro intersection, Alfama district.
  • Tip: Keep the right distance between the camera and the blue house to have a deeper perspective.
  • Best time to go: Early morning/sunset (Crowd level: medium)



4) Rua do Loureiro.



  Useful information:

  • Location: Rua do Loureiro n.7, Alfama district.
  • Tip: Including a person or a couple going down the stairs can give the right sense of depth.
  • Best time to go: Any time of the day (Crowd level: low)



5) Escolas gerais/Calçada de São Vicente.



  Useful information:

  • Location: Escolas gerais n.41 / Calçada de São Vicente n.74 intersection, Alfama district.
  • Tip: Wait for tram 28 to pass through the narrow Escolas gerais/Calçada de São Vicente intersection.
  • Best time to go: Morning/sunset (Crowd level: low)



6) Miradouro das portas do sol.



Useful information:

  • Location: Beco de Santa Helena 25, Alfama district.
  • Tip: Multiple and different shots can be captured from this view point, don’t forget to change your point of view.
  • Best time to go: Sunrise (Crowd level: high)



7) Travessa São Tomé.



Useful information:

  • Location: Travessa São Tomé, Alfama district.
  • Tip: There’s a balcony looking over this street and that’s the only place from where you can take this kind of  shot.
  • Best time to go: Early morning (Crowd level: medium)



8) Rua Norberto de Araújo.



Useful information:

  • Location: Rua Norberto de Araújo n.19, Alfama district.
  • Tip: Cobblestones create the right contrast with white buildings, give them their space in the picture.
  • Best time to go: Sunrise (Crowd level: high)



9) Miradouro de Santa Luzia.



Useful information:

  • Location: Largo de Santa Luzia, Alfama district.
  • Tip: There’s a little pond right in front of Santa Luzia church, the reflection is perfect.
  • Best time to go: Sunrise (Crowd level: high)



10) Casa do Alentejo.



Useful information:

  • Location: Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 58
  • Tip: This place is a restaurant’s entrance, so be patient enough to let the people go and try to make your shots as much symmetric as possible.
  • Best time to go: Morning (Crowd level: medium)



That’s the end, I do hope this tips will help you with your Instagram pictures in Lisbon.

Don’t forget to visit my Instagram feed and hit the follow button to see all of my pictures from Lisbon and my other trips.


See you next time with some new Instagram spots from around the world!

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