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Porto – My top 5 Instagram spots


Thanks for dropping by my blog and welcome to the Instagram-spots section!


Just because this is my first post ever let me explain how the section will work.

I often search for photography worthy places online but most of the time I end up with a bunch of useless information. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ll find dozens of other blogs listing the most touristic places as you’ll never heard of them before. I know this isn’t what you came here for.

You came here for some unique tips about where to find the right Instagram spot in the city you’re planning to visit. Am I wrong?

Before getting started with our number one post you need to know I’m sharing all of my pictures on Instagram, see you there.


So, without further ado, it’s time for some Instagram spots!


This time we will focus on the city of Porto, based on the northern part of Portugal, which I had the luck to visit last summer.

Here there are my top 5 Instagram spots in Porto:


1) Palácio da Bolsa.




Useful information:

  • Cost: Adults 8€ / Students 4.5€
  • Tip: visits must be done in guided tours but you can easily take your time for pictures.
  • Time: 1 hour. (Crowd level: low)

2) Largo da Pena Ventosa.




Useful information:

  • Best time to go: 6-8am / at sunset (Crowd level: low).
  • Cost: free.
  • Tip: Follow rua da Pena Ventosa and then turn right to ruas da Aldas.

3) Ribeira square.




Useful information:

  • Best time to go: 6 to 8 am.
  • Cost: free.
  • Tip: You won’t find this spot empty at any other time but sunrise. (Crowd level: High)

4) Sé do Porto.




Useful information:

  • Best time to go: 5:30/6pm (closing time is at 6:30pm).
  • Cost: Adults 3€ / Students 2€ / Free for children under 10.
  • Tip: Cloisters perspective is the best one, wait until they get empty. (Crowd level: medium)

5) The view over Cálem winery + sign.



Useful information:

  • Best time to go: Sunset. (crowd level: low)
  • Cost: free.
  • Tip: cross Dom Luís I Bridge and then climb Rua do Gen. Torres (second one on the right) until you are above Cálem winery. Include the sign in your picture.

That’s the end, I do hope this will help you in taking better pictures in Porto.

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See you next time with some new Instagram spots from around the world!



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