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Rome – Instagram Guide: 10 Spots in the Eternal City



Hello everyone and welcome back to the Instagram-spots section!

Go to Rome, close your eyes, click the shutter button and I’m pretty sure you’ll end up with something good. That’s it. Okay, let’s stop joking and come with me on a 10-spots journey through the most instagrammable places of Rome, the capital of Italy!

I’m Italian and believe it or not, it took me 24 years before finally paying a visit to this city!

Did I mention I visited 26 different countries before traveling to the capital of mine? Okay, I think I have embarrassed myself enough for today.

I’ll probably skip the part where I tell you why you should visit Rome, it’s enough to say you just have to see that beauty with your own eyes. Let’s find out together the most instagrammable places in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

You can check all of my pictures from Rome on my Instagram feed. 


Without further ado, here it is my list of top 10 instagrammable spots in Rome (with tips):



1) Trevi Fountain.



  • Location: Trevi Fountain (you can both arrive from Spanish Steps or Piazza Navona in 10 minutes walking distance).
  • Tip: This landmark is maybe one of the top three things to see in Rome, so the best thing not to turn your experience here in a complete nightmare is paying a visit at sunrise. If you don’t have a wide lens, it will be very hard to take a front side photo, so the best thing to do is to capture the fountain from one of the two sides (I personally prefer the left side).
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: high).



2) Spanish Steps.



  • Location: Spanish Steps (you can arrive from Via dei Condotti or you can stop at “Spagna” subway station).
  • Tip: From summer 2020 sitting on the Spanish Steps has been banned, with fines of up to 400€. Anyway, this is still one of the most visited spots in the city and taking pictures here won’t be easy at all: my tip, as for Trevi Fountain, is to pay a visit at sunrise (until 9am it’s usually not very crowded). The photo above is taken from Via dei Condotti.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: high).



3) Villa Borghese.



  • Location: Villa Borghese (there are multiple entrances to the park, the closest to the lake in the photo is the one from Piazza del Popolo).
  • Tip: This is a very relaxing place where people usually go to chill a bit or to find shelter from the summer sun, so it won’t be too hard to take good pictures. The one in the picture is called “Temple of Asclepius” and it’s located on the main lake of the park; my tip is to include one or two rowing boats (of which the lake will be usually quite full) and some leaves to add depth to the photo. 
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: low).






  • Location: Pantheon (5 minutes walk from Piazza Navona).
  • Tip: It will be a real struggle to capture this place without people, at least during the day. The best way to get a “clean” shot is taking couple steps behind the fountain and cover the people standing in line to get in. The fountain is a real piece of art, so it will definitely add a touch of beauty to your picture.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: high).



5) Sant’Ilvo alla Sapienza.



  • Location: Sant’Ilvo alla Sapienza (entrance from Corso del Rinascimento, few steps out Piazza Navona).
  • Tip: Symmetry is everything in this place. The best shot you can get is the perspective from the main entrance, so it won’t take that much work; lucky for you the place is usually empty. A personal tip is to include the arch on the top of your picture to add some depth.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: low).



6) Trastevere.



  • Location: Trastevere (the place in the picture above is called “Vicolo della torre”, perspective from “Via della Lungaretta”).
  • Tip: The whole neighborhood of Trastevere is a heaven for pictures, but it’s probably the most crowded place of the city from dinner time on; the positive side is there are literally no people till late morning. My favorite places are: “Vicolo della Torre” (picture above), “Bar del Cinque” (probably the most instagrammable bar in Rome), “Via dell’arco di San Calisto”, “Via della Paglia” and “Via del Moro”.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: medium).



7) Santa Barbara dei Librai.



  • Location: Santa Barbara dei Librai (perspective from “Via dei Giubbonari”).
  • Tip: Not as famous as some of the places previously listed, but it definitely has some charm. The best (and maybe only) perspective is the one standing in the middle of the little alley in front of the church.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: low).



8) Colosseum.



  • Location: Colosseum (perspective from “Via Nicola Salvi”).
  • Tip: Who am I for giving tips about this place, but the mission here is to take a different picture from the millions you have already seen. The picture above is taken from the terrace of “Via Nicola Salvi”, you just need to walk up a stairs from the monument and there you are. I personally decided to frame the picture with couple leaves on the top left side, you really need to make your imagination run here in order to end up with something different.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: high).



9) Via dei Coronari.



  • Location: Vicolo di San Simone (perspective from Via dei Coronari 66). 
  • Tip: The place in the photo above is called “Vicolo di San Simone”, accessible from the bigger, but walkable “Via dei Coronari”. There’s also a restaurant called “Cucina del Teatro” here, so you can maybe google the name if you can’t find the place. Take couple steps further away and include a small portion of the walls on the left and right side to frame and add depth to the photo.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: medium).



10) Fori Imperiali.



  • Location: Fori Imperiali (perspective from “Via Monte Tarpeo”, on the top of Capitoline Hill).
  • Tip: I’ve struggled a bit to find this exact spot, but then I managed to. If you’re visiting Capitoline Hill (Campidoglio), move right to “Via del Campidoglio” until the intersection with “Via Monte Tarpeo”; here you’ll find the balcony where I took the picture above.
  • Best time to go:  (Crowd level: medium).



That’s the end, I do hope this tips will help you with your Instagram pictures in Rome .

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See you next time with some new Instagram spots from around the world!

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