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Stockholm – 5 Instagram spots you should know before you go

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Instagram-spots section!


It’s time to travel north, very north, to one of those countries you would never think to visit in winter, at least without thinking “Am I crazy?”. Of course I am, that’s why I travelled to Sweden in January. 

I’m obviously talking about Stockholm! The gorgeous capital of Sweden, located on the shores of Baltic Sea and icon of Scandinavia.

I spent a short time in the city but it’s definitely been enough to categorize Stockholm as a photography paradise.

You can check all of my pictures from Stockholm on my Instagram feed. 



Without further ado, here there are 5 instagram-spots you should know before visiting Stockholm:


1) Sofia Kyrka.



  Useful information:

  • Location: Eastern part of Södermalm island (30 minutes walk from Gamla Stan)
  • Tip: Include one of the many red wooden houses in the park to create a strong contrast.
  • Best time to go: Any time of the day (Crowd level: low)



2) Österlånggatan (Gamla Stan).



  Useful information:

  • Location: Gamla Stan (old town).
  • Tip: Climb the two slopes Södra/Norra Benickebrinken to have a different and new perspective.
  • Best time to go: Sunrise (Crowd level: high)



3) Admiralty house (Amiralitetshuset).



  Useful information:

  • Location: Skeppsholmen island (15 minutes walk from Gamla Stan)
  • Tip: The street in the picture is located at the back of the house, but the frontal perspective coming from the bridge is also worth a snap.
  • Best time to go: Morning (Crowd level: low)



4) Stora Gråmunkegränd (Great Greyfriar’s Alley).



  Useful information:

  • Location: Gamla Stan (old town).
  • Tip: Both perspectives are very photogenic, so don’t forget to walk the entire alley and then look back.
  • Best time to go: Sunrise or sunset if you’re patient enough to wait people to go (Crowd level: high)



5) Stigbergsgatan and Katarina kyrka.



  Useful information:

  • Location: Katarina-Sofia borough (Södermalm island: 20 to 30 minutes walk from Gamla Stan)
  • Tip: Also check “Mäster Mikaels gata” while exploring the area. This street is full of colorful and insta-worthy houses.
  • Best time to go: Early morning (Crowd level: medium)



Before you go, I have one more tip for you: if you’re considering exploring other cities in Sweden, I highly recommend you Malmö. My friend Oliver (@oliverbock on Instagram) put together 10 unique Malmö Instagram spots you must see in order to inspire and guide you while you’re visiting the city; you can find the article at this link.

That’s all folks, I do hope this tips will help you with your Instagram pictures in Stockholm.

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See you next time with some new Instagram spots from around the world!

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